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Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween



    I really love how this photo turned out. I am finally happy where I can login to SL and do my art. I understand my art isn't for everyone nor will it be great enough to be an SLcelebrity but I do love my work. 

    Now I am a skin whore now. The Stringer Mausoleum started making for Evo X and her skin line is pretty Mythora Skin. The skin is made for Evo X and SLV mapping. So ladies you're able to wear it with any head other than EVO X. 

    I love how the image is very playful in a sense and overall I just really enjoyed editing it and getting dressed up. I feel like an anime character or something from a video game! 


Synful Ghost // Kodeine Haze // Knovokainee Haze
Photographer and Blogger of Second Life