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        So it's been quite some time since I have been asked to do a collaboration with someone and I had to admit I was stunned! I was so happy to have had the honor of meeting Blu an become friends! I have admire this lady from afar and finally just spoke! Not only she does amazing fantasy and sci-fi pictures but what draws me was how SHE used colours, highlights and got the positions she chose. 

    We both admit that this picture was challenging because of how big Jeys guns were an I had to agree. Even with a resize script in them the guns were massive compared to our tiny frames. If Jeys allows us to actually modify our item that would be great, but Jeys has it to where we can't.  

    Even though Cyber Fair is over I am sure you can get these items in store in a few days! Sorry for an extremely late post. I've been busy with enjoying my summer. 



    So I was inspired by another artist on artstation; Barry Brown Jr, when I go looking for inspiration. I honestly changed mine up a LOT, but I thought I'd have fun an do close ups on things I hadn't worn or was going too? The first girl will have more details than the other two because that skin is from the Powder Pack June reservation gift. 

    I loved how he did different looks for different cyber punk ethnic females. I tried to keep the gold theme, but I had to HAD to add some colour in some where. Doing something like this was really interesting for me and fun! So thank you Mr. Barry Brown Jr for being the inspiration for this piece of artwork I did! 

    So it's been a minute since I actually typed anything. Not sure about everyone else, but I just don't really have anything to say. I do have a small pet peeve that is driving me bonkers! Okay so everyone knows I am a HUGE Cyber Punk fan. No it's not the colours that draws me to it, it's the fashion and the endless ideas you can creature with cyber punk aesthetics that are just great.  

    One thing that drives me nuts is that females don't always wear bodysuits! I know in most main stream TV, movies, and anime show this, but trust me. There is other aesthetics in the realm that many aren't touching! My girl do not like to wear body suits all the time. There are other dressing that one can do for females. Honestly I highly enjoy the male cyber punk clothing over the female one because I don't want to me skimpy all the time.  Seriously yall do the same body suits all over against, Do something else. 

end of my ted talk. 

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