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Patiently Waiting

    It's Black Friday, one of the busiest and popular time of the year and trust me I went to Lelutka and gave her my money like here daddy take my money. I uploaded a lot of money and still hadn't finished getting all my heads because I am waiting for friends to get on so we can shop on Second Life. Real life I'll be going out like Sunday to do some shopping. I might order some things offline today. I had items in my cart for a few months lol items are probably sold out, but it's still a chance.      This image was going to be a Powder Pack photo, but I decided against it because honestly, I wasn't really impressed with how my face was looking this way. So I just decided against it and the skin I'm using in this one I'll do a more personal close up on it today for tomorrows photo or tonights photo because I got a new head. I can now have different looks and not wear the heads I had. I will be changing my face and body over the next weeks till I find the way

Rat Race

      So I've been feeling very sick this previous week so I missed deadlines like crazy for some events and maybe maybe not and I also had modem issues so I just been all sorts of jacked up.  I was able to participate within the new event by SLS, Second Life Syndicate called Salvage Station. Of course I had to do my own spin on things and took it to a cyber punk element. Some of the items in there vibe with Cyber Punk and Post  Apocalyptic. I almost threw in some items from Tokyo Zero and Abstrak event. Now I am really puzzled as to when these two events end as I am a legit blogger for them? They both start at odd times and end also at odd times? So I am like did I meet the deadline or not? Like when do these events start and end?? So I am just like welp, I am just going to blog till some of the items speak to me. I got Powder Pack to do and I'll do that soon. I am gonna try to knock out all this this week while I am out for work.   So enjoy the random photo! 


      You ever feel like you're just pushed up into the corner? Like ganged up on by for whatever reason? Yes, I feel like that lately especially today. I have never been so like annoyed and conflicted with my emotions. So I believe this image displays a very good decryption of how I feel.  So that is that. 


      Yesterday was opening day for Abnormality Event SL ; Jotunheim, it's has a Viking element vibe to it and just all around fun wintery. Bring Old Customs and the Old Gods back this November! I'm still in my funk and I just can't shake it off. Hopefully after the new year I'll be back to my old self and I'll start back to where I was. But for now, please go check out Abnormality Event, you have till November 28th to get to it before all the items at the event return to their stores.  BTW Thanks Sugah for the setup! Really helped! 

Come here

    So I know I didn't talk much about Powder Pack like I normally do and I apologize. The next pack that we get I'll go back to doing my full reviews on it. I will tell you that I was slightly disappointed with this Melian pack though. There were some brands I wasn't familiar with and their faces were off putting for me. Like I wasn't just use to them and I'd probably had to make an entire new face just to wear them. But I did try a new brand called, The Honey Shop. I loved that they did Brows, Brows with Freckles, Freckles w/o brows, and w/o brows. The realism for this skin was not off putting so much that it drove me insane. It was decent to where I could wear it. I guess I am just use to a cartoony type of vibe?    Of course I have close ups of what I am wearing down below of the cut, you can get this Melian pack for full price at Powder Pack head quarters!