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Hazy Daze

      I absolutely had fun with this image! Its so weird and random, but I just love it! I just wanted to do some sort of Cyber punk mixed with fantasy and I'm like why not make it so that she's apart of some toxic type environment . I mean come on everyone knows I am going to think outside the box when it comes to things. I just can't get away from Cyber Punk. I just love the colours! I know what everyone is thinking and going to say "You don't have to be Cyber Punk to love colour", "There's other genres that is all about colour!!" Well as I sit here and knock back and forth in my chair. YA it's true! There are different genres that cater to having bright colours, but I just so happen to gravity towards Cyber Punk. That is my ted talk for tonight!  -Kodeine

Majestic Dragon

      Abnormality has started and of course I am always late with a pre-post! You can get this gorgeous mod in thirteen different colours provided by {Ghosted}. The Verdant Kirin avatar is a collaboration by RUF & Ghosted. It comes with a Shape, Hair Base, Skirt base for the tail, Ears, Two type of eyes for furry & human, Head, Horn, Tail, Tendrils, legs for Freya, Jake, Maitreya and Reborn. No legacy. Legacy will probably come out later on. 

Magic in bloom

      We have one last day for Wizarding Faire! It closes tomorrow and you can get these hunt items and fabulous dress from there! It's fitted for Ebody Reborn and the Juicy boobs.