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  Speak lies to me  And my heart will beat it's truth.  Break my whim And my body responds to it's deeds.  Tell me you love me  And ...




    It's been such a long time for me wanting to make my cyber mermaid OC. Yes, ever since coming across the artwork of the previous cyber mermaids I've did I officially have one with a tail that Decoy did. Will I continue to use this tail for the rest of the serious. No. Because each of piece of artwork I was inspired by were different completely and thats how I want to keep it. THIS photo was for me to have fun with and do. 

My friend named her Cyberella, but I wanted it to be a bit weird with the name so I did Sybaella because on how I pronounce things. Ebonics, I know! A little bit about Sybaella she is a musician along with her friend who isn't pictured. It'll be kinda of hard to put both my OCs together in a picture not really that's what alts are for right?  So she is part of the royal family, but not Ariel type. Think of like a distant cousin of Ariel type royalty? Instead she followed her heart and pursued a career in music! 

Synful Ghost // Kodeine Haze // Knovokainee Haze
Photographer and Blogger of Second Life